At Custom Dental Art, we provide patients with implant supported dentures to give them a dependable and durable alternative to dentures, dental bridges, and traditional dental implants. If you come to Algodones, BC , we encourage you to call (928) 610 82 82 schedule a consultation so we can examine you and determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure, or chat with us click here.



If you are looking for a durable and comfortable way to replace missing teeth, you should consider this solution.

Implant supported dentures make it easier to eat your favorite meals and engage in normal daily activities, because they will remain securely in your mouth.

You will not need to worry about them coming loose or slipping out of place while eating, speaking, or engaging in high-impact activities. Instead, you can rest assured that your teeth will be secure regardless of what you do.

Not only will this prevent unnecessary embarrassment, but it will also make life more comfortable, since your dentures will not be rubbing against your gums, causing irritation

Dental implants are currently the best solution to replace missing teeth or to replace those that are in poor condition. The process that begins with the extraction of the tooth in poor condition (in case it is not yet lost) and continues with the dental implant surgery, ends with the placement of the dental prosthesis, which will do the same function as our teeth. natural.

In Custom Dental Art,

        DDS Christian Corrales Fierro  

He will be happy to assist you to this service.

We are experts in dental prostheses, made specifically for the dental conditions of each patient. They can be of two types: fixed and removable.

DDS Christian Corrales Fierro

In Custom Dental Art, He will be happy to assist you to this service.

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