At Custom Dental Art, we provide patients with implant supported dentures to give them a dependable and durable alternative to dentures, dental bridges, and traditional dental implants. If you come to Algodones, B.C., we encourage you to call (928) 610 82 82 schedule a consultation so we can examine you and determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure,  Or chat with us click here.


The advantages of dental implants are:

  • Implants are fixed in the bone and thus allow the function and appearance of natural teeth to be restored. Algodones custom dental art is located in Algodones Baja California. We attend your dental needs with quality services given by highly qualified specialists. We prioritize your health and follow Covid 19 protocols to maintain our patient’s health. 
  • The implants fit precisely in our anatomy so they do not require adhesives.
  • The implants respect the facial features so they restore the natural smile.
  • Implants avoid damaging the healthy teeth around you.
  • Implants prevent bone loss in the area of ​​missing teeth. Implants and temporary fixed prosthesis can be placed in a single day.
  • Implants can last for many years.
  • Implants can improve our appearance, our confidence, our ability to eat normally, and our quality of life.

In Custom Dental Art,

        DDS Christian Corrales Fierro  

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