Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

In our dental clinic we carry out endodontic treatments in Custom Dental Art, using the latest technology to give our patients a quality service.
What is a root canal?

Endodontics is a procedure that is used when the dental pulp has been affected due to very deep caries, trauma or some other type of injury.

Thanks to endodontics, in our Custom Dental Art clinic, we clean the affected tissues of the tooth and seal the cavity to stop the infection. In many cases, this is the last chance to save the tooth before an extraction is necessary.

The tooth, like the rest of our body, is not a simple structure, but is made up of multiple tissues. The part that remains visible is called enamel, and it is the first shield that decay faces. Among the internal tissues are the dentin and the dental pulp, located in the deepest part of the piece, where the nerves of the tooth are.

The pulp is responsible for us perceiving external stimuli such as cold or heat. Therefore, when we have dental sensitivity, it is very likely that we have some cavities or suffer from some periodontal disease such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

Depending on how advanced the caries is, in our dental clinic we can treat it with a dental filling or through an endodontics in Custom Dental Art , where we offer our services..

When is a root canal necessary?

Endodontic treatments are unavoidable when the dental pulp is deeply affected, and are performed with the aim of preventing the patient from losing the tooth.

Different scenarios related to pulpitis or inflammation of the dental pulp may occur:

Pulpal necrosis
Appears when the tooth suffers a strong impact or blow that ends the life of the nerve. When the pulp is necrotic, it requires removal by endodontics..
Irreversible inflammation

An inflammation of the dental pulp that lasts over time together with intense pain makes it mandatory to perform a root canal to eliminate the pressure of the pulp chamber…

Caries infection

Infections caused by caries do not stop if they are not treated, and can cause major complications in the patient’s oral health. A root canal is essential in these cases to clean all the damaged pulp and save the natural tooth..

How does tooth decay affect teeth?

We can say that caries is a destructive process. Our mouth is constantly exposed to infectious processes and, little by little, bacteria accumulate throughout the oral cavity.

If we maintain a correct dental hygiene routine we will be able to eliminate them, otherwise, the acid released by these bacteria will gradually destroy the tooth enamel, producing the cavity that we identify as cavities.

Once past the enamel barrier, caries has an easy time overcoming dentin, which is much less resistant, and continues to spread.
By the time the caries has reached the dental pulp, the patient may feel intense pain. It is important to stop the process as soon as possible and prevent it from advancing so that it does not reach the pulp.

Caries is one of the most frequent oral diseases among the population. In our clinic we recommend avoiding a diet rich in sugars to prevent the appearance of cavities.
In addition, we encourage parents to check the condition of their children’s mouths regularly to detect it as soon as possible and thus avoid having a root canal in the future.

In extreme cases where the patient does not visit the dentist and the decay continues to progress, endodontics or tooth extraction may be necessary.

Previous diagnosis to a root canal

in making this endodontic diagnosis is the clinical examination or anamnesis process, in which the patient is asked a series of questions to assess the degree of disease and its symptoms.
An oral examination is carried out to assess the condition of the teeth. It is very important to also check other areas such as the tongue, palate or mucous membranes of the mouth to know the state of the patient’s oral health and see the impact that their dental infection may have had.


A series of diagnostic x-rays are then performed to locate the extent of the decay.

Once you have all this information you can put yourself in the hands of our professionals, experts in endodontic treatment at Custom Dental Art.

How is a root canal performed?

The endodontist is responsible for performing an examination of the patient’s mouth, performing the necessary tests and determining if the intervention to extract the infected pulp is appropriate.

If so, the following procedure is carried out with the support of specialized instruments:

We apply local anesthesia. The treatment is always carried out under these conditions so that the patient does not feel pain

We proceed to extract the pulp and model the cavity in order to disinfect the tissues and clean the ducts.

Once the area is numb, we make a small perforation through the enamel to access the pulp chamber and root canals.

We fill the hole, making sure it is well sealed to prevent the recurrence of infections.

If you are looking for a dental clinic to perform an endodontics in Custom Dental Art, contact our specialists. At our clinic we take care of you.

What to consider after a root canal
It is important for the patient to comment on any problem they have after the treatment: unusual sensitivity, discomfort, inflammation… It is normal to feel some discomfort in the area operated on a few days later, but there are pain relievers that will help alleviate it.
If the problems persist after a while, it is recommended to make an appointment with the specialist again. In some cases, there may be a trace of the infection that could not be completely eliminated due to the difficulty of accessing the ducts, or the piece was not completely sterilized. The endodontist will then propose a re-endodontic procedure to solve the problem and ensure that the patient can return to their normal routine.


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